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Height Increasing


3.2 Formal lengtheing using dynamic lengthener in combination with external fixation

Except the lengthener used, the other surgical procedures are very similar to the tibial lengthening surgery. Lengthener: semi-circular frame or unilateral lengthener (as shown below), to be selected accordingly


4. Summary of our clinical experience

Till December 2005, we have performed leg lengthening surgery for more than 1,500 cases. Patients were from USA, Italy, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and all over China. Most of the patients are suffers of short stature and 80% of the patients have postgraduate degrees, aged between 14-52 years, (average age: 22.6 years). The height before surgery was between 117-175 cm (average 152 cm); the increased height was between 3-33 cm (average 8.6 cm). Among the patients, there are three cases of serious complications, bone nonunion 2 cases (1 case was caused by fast lengthening rate; another was due to diet problem, lack of nutrition), ankle joint deformity 1 case (the patient was 52 years old and has other medical conditions). All the three cases were treated by secondary surgery with satisfactory outcomes. Overall, 99% of the patients were very satisfied with the outcome of their treatment. At present, serious complications such as bone nonunion have been completely avoided by using Xia’s leg lengthening technique, only minor complications such as mild pinhole infection (in less than 0.5% patients) are occasionally seen and are dealt with easily.

5. Advantages of Xia's leg lengthening technique

1) Novel theories of tissue regeneration: induced regeneration by natural laws, and the leg lengthening system with combined external and internal fixation technology are innovations in the concept and surgical techniques of leg lengthening.
2) Guaranteed highest standards: Xia’s leg lengthening surgery is performed with the highest safety and quality standards, which is trustworthy.
3) No serious complications. We can guarantee that serious complications such as non-union will not happen and only mild complications such as pinhole infections may occur in less than 0.5% of the cases.
4) The shortest treatment duration: using combined external and internal fixation techniques, we can cut down the treatment time 50-70% compared with traditional methods. The time needed for functional recovery of the limbs is also reduced to about 50% (about 3-6 months).
5) There is no limitation on the lengthening. Unlike some other techniques, total lengthening each time in our system is not limited. We guarantee that there will be no complications such as foot drop, and there is no need for additional ligament and tendon lengthening surgery, thanks for the novel dynamic external lengthener system.
6) Pain free weight bearing exercises. We will guide the patients to exercise to maintain or recover their limb functions during the treatment.

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