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Dong Mei

photo taken after the surgery

Photo taken after the lengthening operation


Patient case report  

Media Release

Miss Dong & Prof Xia

X Ray during lengthening

X Ray during lengthening

How tall can I grow?

Website in Chinese Language   Before operation During operation After removing the external fixator with intramedullary nails & plasters. Scars after removal of the external fixator After the operation  
Other good lengthening websites  


Web surfing in the room

Functional recovery training Lengthening by turning Just about turning the Leg is lengthening!  
    during hospitalization   the screw herself daily screw again    
    Smile in her room Using walking aid at the Walking around in the Am I pretty? Happy face  
      early recovery stage hospital garden      

Click me to view Dong Mei's Recovery Video 1 Click me to view Dong Mei's recovery viedo 2  
    After the treatment I can walk again A flag saying "Thank you, Dr Xia" Recover Video 1 Recover Video 2  
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