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Service fees for leg lengthening surgery for overseas patients

All inclusive package – Super Comfort for (up to) 1- 8cm tibial or femur lengthening (US$35,000)

Fees include:

(1) First time consultation, examinations, airport pickup, inclusive of all costs of the two surgeries: the first surgery to put external frame and performance osteotomy; and 2nd surgey for removing the external frame.

(2) The package also include hospitalization for 3 weeks for the first surgery (osteotomy and putting external fixators), and 2 weeks for the 2nd surgery.

(3) The patient has to pay extra for staying for staying in the hospital in between the two surgeries and the meals are at their own costs (approximate less than US$3000).

(4) If any complication occurs during the procedure while you are in the hospital, we guarantee to treat free free of charge till the complication is settled.

(5) The hospital room is ususally shared by two people, and the room is equipped with color TV, private bath room, toilet. The wheelchair, walking aids, care taker services, physical therapies and meals are at patients' own costs.

(6) From 1st June 2019 the package price is adjusted to USD 35,000 for (up to) a 1-8 cm lengthening, with additional charge at USD 2000/per extra cm. We require a deposit of USD 5,000 to be paid first to secure a place and surgery with Dr Hetao Xia. For more details about our service and fees, please e-mail to to enquire.  

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