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Who can undergo leg lengthening surgery?
1. Age: 16-45 years,who has the ability to cooperate the surgery and treatment.

2. Height before surgery: This is no height limit for cosmetic leg lengthening before surgery. In general, the LL surgery will benefit people of short stature (e.g. for Asians, man <160cm; woman<150cm can be regarded as short stature).

3. General health: No chronic diseases and diseases in nerve, circulation and muscles systems, such as paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and osteoarthritis in major joints. Bone and joint deformities do not affect the success of the surgery, and those deformities can be corrected at the same time of leg lengthening surgery.

4. Mental health: It is essential that patients have a sound mind and be prepared to cooperate with the treatment. They should not have unrealistic dreams about leg lengthening. Leg lengthening is just a step to help you to realize your dreams, but you need to be patient, and collaborative and self-control in order to have a smooth and successful outcome.

Sincere advice to potential patients:

Leg lengthening surgery is recommended for patients suffering from short status and particularly for the people of short status with low limb deformities. It is not normally recommended for relatively short people, but if the patients insists for cosmetic leg lengthening and are willing to cooperate the treatment fully, leg lengthening procedure is pretty safe and well tolerated. However, we would like to warn the patients and their relatives sincerely:
1. Leg lengthening is not the only factor that can change your life: do not link all the difficulties you met in your life to your short status and pursue leg lengthening surgery blindly.
2. Leg lengthening surgery can not create artificial beauty: for the people who have already had normal height, whom pursue leg lengthening surgery for the sake of getting perfection, we would ask them to think twice, as the height is not the only definition of beauty.
3. Leg lengthening is a surgical procedure, it has risks and may cause some suffering to the patients, it costs time (6 months to 1 year) and some expenses for the surgery and treatment. You should not pursue leg lengthening surgery if there is nothing to gather in your life following the treatment. You should ask yourself the question: "So what if I become taller ?"

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