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Height Increasing


Some adult may be short in their height because of heredity. By the mechanism of biological adaptability, principle of bone regeneration, people of with short stature may get their dreamed height. For instance, If a short person is suffering from knee varus or ecstrophy, he or she should receive leg lengthening surgery as earlier as possible in order to recover the knee function. Meanwhile, heor she can also increase his/her height.

Height Increasing Technology is a surgical method. Through a simple orthopaedic surgery, a set of lengthening device is installed on the limb and then the limb is gradually lengthened by turning the device (lengthener). The method is developed based on the technology of treating un-equal length of limbs, taking the advantage of external skeletal fixation technology. Although Height Increasing Technology stems from “Limb Lengthening Technology”, there is an essential distinction between them. The former is cosmetology, means making one person more taller for cosmetic purposes, but the later is for medical treatment. The former is strict with the integrated image, articulation function, and even the cosmesis of skin, besides the exact height.

Because all the tissue of the lengthened limbs need time for regeneration and rehabilitation, within two years following the leg lengthening surgery, we do not recommend the patient take part in any forms of stressful exercises or sports. Two years after surgery, the limb function is completely recovered and the patient can return normal life activities.

Legal Aspects of Leg Lengthening Surgery
In order to maintain trust and good cooperation between the doctors and the patient, the two sides need to sign an "Operation Agreement" before surgery. The agreement is to protect the interests of both doctors and patients, and sets out the responsibilities and conditions that both sides have to adhere to during the treatment. If a person decides to receive the surgery, please contact our institute two weeks in advance to get the legal agreement signed in advance.

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