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Height Increasing


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Case Study Case 1, male dwarf patient, height before surgery 120cm, with knees deformity  
Xia's Technique Case 2, male patient, height before surgery 150cm with knees deformity  
Bio-Mechanisms Case 3, female patient, height before surgery 158cm with knees deformity  
External Fixation Case 4, female patient, height before surgery 159cm, no deformity, request to lengthen to 168cm  
Special Advice Case 5, female patient, height before surgery 151cm, no deformity, request to lengthen to 162cm  
    Case 1: Male, dawarf patient, height before surgery 210cm, with knee deofrmity. Lengthened 26cm and deformities corrected.  
    Before Surgey
During leg-lengthening
X Ray when lengthened to 18cm X Ray after the external lengthener has been removed  
    X ray showing mineralization of new bone
X Ray - when the nails were removed
Standing - after the nails overe removed
Bend down
    Feamur lengthening with unilateral lengthener, combined with intramedullary nails X Ray - when femur was lengthed at 8cm The unilateral lengthener has been removed from feamur
After the treatment, the total lengthening was 26cm
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